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Software Engineer

An expert at technical communication and distilling complicated problems into simple solutions.

Select Projects

PHP, Laravel, Javascript, React.js, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
A full-stack user script hosting site. A modern repository using the latest research on adult learning techniques and personalized content discovery with an item-based collaborative-filter recommendation system. Researched and developed as a web design Master's thesis, complemented by an 82-page analysis paper.
Notable Points
  • Recommendation system
  • Modern education techniques
  • Responsive design from scratch
  • 82-page Master's thesis

BoffMVC - PHP MVC Framework

PHP, Javascript, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5
Designed and implemented all aspects of a backend website framework to better understand how these systems work. Streamlined request routing by dynamically parsing target location from the URL, eliminating the need to manually define routes. Wrote a custom interface that automatically manages database connection and queries, simplifying data interaction.
Notable Points
  • Custom MVC Framework
  • Easy database interface
  • Automatic routing system


Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Figma
Built from scratch with a mobile-first approach, this is the website you are looking at right now.
Notable Points
  • Responsive, mobile-first
  • No template
  • Wireframe with Balsamiq
  • Mock up with Figma

HackForums Enhancement Suite (HFES)

HFES is a cross-browser extension, adding over 20 customer requested features to the popular Hack Forums website. By building up an enthusiastic community of over 5,000 users, this project generated over $4,000 in sales of cosmetic badges.
Notable Points
  • Over 5,000 users
  • Generated over $4,000 revenue

Boff's Bakery

PHP, Javascript, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5
A recipe sharing website, built using the custom BoffMVC framework. Features a self-built image hosting and manipulation API, user authentication, and responsive design.
Notable Points
  • Custom image API
  • User authentication
  • Responsive design

About Me

An expert at taking complex technical issues and breaking them down into simple and concise solutions, I have worked with programming and information technology since 2009. I have a M.S. in Information Systems and Technology with a concentration in web design and development. When not working, I spend my time as a baker, chocolatier, flutist, moderator, and a gamer.


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